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My name is Artemy Krylov. I have many interests and most of them are related with digital creativity and programming. This site is showing some better results of my professional way. I’ll very glad if you write me any letters or comments.

Abkhazia travel, photo, landscapes, Ritsa, Mzy

Effort to stop time

Travel to west Abkhazia

Beautiful colors in the photography

Look at this color

Photos without specific category but which have magnet effect

Eco motion

Our eco motion

Planting of oaks

Beauty everywhere. Photo



Landscapes by Artem Krylov. Photographer in Tver, Torzhok, Moscow, S.Petersburg


Local photo project

Fashion photographer in Tver


Photos of young girls

Wedding photographer in Torzhok, Tver, Moscow, S.Petersburg


Photos of happy brides and grooms

Wedding and family photographer in Tver, Moscow, S.Petersburg

Family stories

Photos of wonderful families

Chidren's photographs, baby pictures.

Little children

Photos with true emotions

Photos of animals


Rare photos of not rare animals

Lubeck and Hansatag 2014. Photos

Lubeck. Hansetag, 2014

Photos from festival

Reenactors festival - Novotor rubezh. Russia, Torzhok. Photos

Reenactors festival in Russia, Torzhok

Photos from festival of medieval history and culture

Fly over the water. Photos

Fly over the water

Begin of micro photo project

Cinemagraphy. Gif animation in photo


Looped video and gif animation in photo

B&W photo by Artem Krylov. Photographer in Tver, Torzhok, Moscow, S.Petersburg


Black & White